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Click Here for request to use the

Inflatable Man costume


  1. Only a Kentucky Fire Department in good standing with the Kentucky Firefighters Association may request the use of the costume.

  2. This inflatable costume is for fire prevention or fire service related functions or public events with the fire departments participation.

  3. Costume is to be operated by the personnel of the fire department as a fire prevention tool.

  4. The costume is property of the KFA and any damage incurred while in the possession of the fire department will be the responsibility of the fire department listed on the application.

  5. The costume need to be picked up by a representative of the fire department from KFA.

  6. The fire department shall provide for the operation of the costume per instructions from KFA.

  7. The fire department will make arrangements for the costume to get back to the KFA following the activity.

  8. This costume is for public activities only.  No personal use at a residence or for events such as birthday parties, etc. is permitted.


The availability of this costume could will be very limited and competitive as it will be used statewide.  The Kentucky Firefighters Association will have priority use of the costume for their events.  Please be patient and have understanding when making a request.  A lead time of 2-3 months is appreciated to improve your chances of availability.

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