Wayne Watts Memorial Scholarship Program

Applicant Information:

Acceptance Letter:

The applicant must provide the KFA with a copy of the letter of acceptance from the institution you will be attending. Is the letter attached? 

Acceptance Letter
Acceptance Letter

List the name of the institution: 

List the name of the degree program you are enrolling: 

List your major:

Employment History:

In the space provided below provide past employment history beginning with the most recent:

Present Emergency Service Experience:

In the space provided below provide details of your present Emergency Services Experience.


If you are currently a firefighter attach a copy of your current training record from the Fire Commission.  Is the copy attached?

Training Record

Service in Kentucky:

If you should be successful in securing a KFA Scholarship you must intend to serve in a Kentucky based emergency service upon completion of your Education.  In the space provided explain how and where you plan to serve.  If you do not plan to serve in Kentucky explain why. 

Statement of Need:

In the space provided explain why you need or deserve a KFA scholarship.


To qualify for this scholarship the applicant must be affiliated with a dues paying member department of the KFA.  The department administration must provide a letter confirming your affiliation with the department.  The letter may also contain a recommendation for you to receive the scholarship but it is not required.  Is the letter attached?

Affiliation Letter

List the name of the affiliated department.

Other Scholarships:

In the space provided below list any other scholarships or grants awarded to you.  List the amount of the award and for the length of the award.

Letters of Recommendation:

Attach three (3) letters of recommendation. 

Are the letters attached?

Letters of Recommendation
Recommendation # 1
Recommendation # 2
Recommendation # 3


Attach an official high school or secondary education grade transcript (if applicable).  Is the transcript attached? 

High School Transcript

If not why? 

Name of the institution providing the transcript?

Instructions:  When you’ve completed this application, print a copy for your records and submit the form by clicking the Submit Button below.

You may send your application via US mail; however, we recommend using the online form.



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For questions call 270-789-1533

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