On October 11, 1999 the Kentucky Firefighters Association, Kentucky Professional Firefighters Association and the Kentucky Fire Commission saw the dedication of a dream for that was the day of dedication of the Kentucky Fallen Firefighters Memorial at Juniper Park in Frankfort Kentucky. This dream began in 1991 when Richard A Games was President. The construction was done by Keith Monument of Elizabethtown. The walls contain the names of those Kentucky Firefighters killed in the line of duty. What follows are pictures taken at the dedication of this fitting and wonderful tribute to their life. 


The 2015 State Firefighter Memorial Service will be held at
the memorial site on Wednesday, Sept 30th at 11:a.m.






1.   Each Regional Association may enter any number of teams. (Regular teams and Junior teams).

2.   The hosting department of the State Firefighters Olympics will be permitted to enter one (1) team.

3.   Last year’s state champions may enter to defend their title.

4.   Teams are required to be members of the Kentucky Firefighters Association and participating members of their local association.

5.   Teams can consist of (7) members plus a captain for a total of (8).  Minimum of five (5) Maximum of (8)

6.   (NEW) Team members do not have to be from the same department, but from departments within the same KFA Regional Association.

7.   Team members must have structural firefighting NFPA approved full protective gear that is in service by their department.

8.   All PPE will be inspected before the competition begins.

9.   Each team will have one (1) attempt at each event unless unforeseen circumstances interfere with the running.

10. All equipment, other than personal protective gear will be furnished.

11. No individual may be on more than one (1) team.

12. Once called, teams will have a maximum of three (3) minutes to report to the starting line.

13. All judges’ decisions are final.

14. A tiebreaker event will be drawn before the competition begins.

15. Each team shall designate a Captain. Only the captain will represent the team in any discussion.

16. Each team must inspect and approve supplied equipment before each event.

17. Trophies will be awarded as follows:  1st, 2nd, & 3rd place for each event.

18. Order of start shall be determined by drawing to be done by the team captains.

19. NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES shall be consumed by any team member, or by anyone around any team at the competition site.

20. All setup equipment will be furnished by KFA and is available for use:


Olympics - Tiger Robinson
180 Oak Leaf Lane
Somerset, KY 42503
OFFICE: 606-679-7075
CELL: 606-875-1529
E-Mail: tiger.robinson@kyfa.org


21. Points will be kept separate for Regular and Junior Olympics.  Separate Trophies will be given for Regular and Junior Olympics.