$12,600 scholarship to attend CSU

KFA / NVFC Report

The NVFC has been granted funds to develop recruitment and retention programs. An example is the new “Make Me a Firefighter” program. Roger Penske allowed the use of the program logo on the deck lid of Joey Logano’s #22 car during the Richmond race. I told Joey he was not allowed to scratch it, and he didn’t, so it is now in our office in Greenbelt.

We continue to develop our “Share the Load” program, which is in use internationally. We have limited funds to provide in-person training in “Behavioral Health in the Fire & Emergency Services”, the Cancer issues, and R&R. The NVFC continues to develop its Virtual Classroom and is offering free Health & Safety training for a limited time.

We have made arrangements for members to subscribe to Action Training Systems accredited online EMS courses at a discounted rate.

The application period is open until 9/15 for a scholarship to Columbia Southern University. This year two recipients will receive a $12,600 scholarship to attend CSU, an online university offering an array of degree programs including Fire Science. There are other educational opportunities the can be accessed by going to www.NVFC.org.

Our legislative efforts continue with some successes, The House did pass HR.1818 and the Senate passed 453, which will simplify the ability of a returning veteran to fit into our workforce. The Volunteer Fire Assistance fund was increase to 15 million.

We had two men receive CSX Scholarships – Les Whelan from Williamstown and Derrick Hall from Hazard. This is the same training school that CSX uses to teach its responders how to handle even the worst type of rail incident. Kentucky receive two of the six offered throughout the CSX System.


Kentucky & the NVFC have entered into an agreement that offers a low cost to join the NVFC and provides joint value for both organizations. For example this allows a member to join the NVFC for $15.00 and gives access to all of the Council’s benefits. This also provides access to FASNY’s credit union.

The NVFC just celebrated its 40th anniversary. Kentucky was involved when the idea was being developed by hosting a meeting at the Fort Mitchell Fire Department. One of the earlier Council meetings was also hosted by Fort Mitchell.

The next meeting will be in Charleston, South Carolina in September. If you have anything you want Pat or me to bring to the floor, let me know.

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