2016 Conference

Starting June 1st, we will be turning unsold rooms back in for the Marriott and Embassy for the KFA 2016 conference in Covington. As you may or may not know, sold rooms and rent for the convention center are tied together and we do not want to pay for rooms that will not be used per our contract. They are going fast so if you plan on coming to the KFA 2016 conference please reserve your room now or there may not be one later on at the Marriott or Embassy. The room reservation link is on the kfa2016.com website.

Also the delegate forms have been mailed out so be looking for them.

Hope to see you all at State Fire School next week!!



Jeffrey H. Pohlman (MS)

Fire/EMS Chief

Alexandria Kentucky Fire District

Kentucky Firefighters Association President

7951 Alexandria Pike

Alexandria, Kentucky 41001

(859) 635-5991


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