To All

SB 195 (cancer bill) will be voted on by the House on Monday March 21, 2016 on the consent orders that day. This means the FINAL vote! After Monday, there will only be 1 more step before Kentucky fire fighters finally receive the recognition that we all deserve in regards to cancer presumption, singing by the Governor. The House convenes at 4:00pm. I would like to have the House gallery full of fire fighters when it is read for the last time and voted on for FINAL passage I apologize for the late change, but during the Legislative Session, you have to be flexible!!

For those who don’t know, when the consent orders are called they only read the number with all others on the consent orders. At that time they vote on all bills read. We are trying to have all firefighters in the gallery to be recognized from the floor but can’t promise that. It could go real quick and be over. If anyone wants to attend you need to be there by say 3. Meet in the house end of the chamber. Thanks for all your help!

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