Stress First Aid for Firefighters

Stress First Aid (SFA) for Firefighters and

Emergency Medical Services Personnel

February 26, 2016

Stress First Aid (SFA) is a flexible set of tools used to care for stress reactions in firefighters and rescue personnel. The goal of SFA is to restore health and readiness after a stress reaction. SFA is a toolkit that emphasizes the importance of continuously monitoring the stress of fire and rescue personnel and to quickly recognize and appropriately help individuals who are reacting to stress and are in need of interventions to promote healing. SFA monitors the progress of recovery to ensure a return to full-function. SFA fosters strong leadership and unit cohesion. SFA is individualized to meet the needs of each person in each context; there are no one-size-fits-all SFA solutions.


Captain Frank Leto is a 32-year veteran of the FDNY and the Deputy Director of its Counseling Service Unit (CSU). On September 11th, 2001 he responded to the World Trade Center as an officer in charge of a rescue team. Since 9/11, Captain Leto has developed innovative outreach, counseling and education programs for firefighters and their families who have experienced potentially traumatic events.

Vickie Taylor, LCSW, is the co-facilitator of the Everyone Goes Home® Firefighter Life Safety Initiative 13 project on behavioral health for firefighters. She works as a behavioral health administrator for Community Services in Prince William County, Virginia where she has provided behavioral health consultation to the county’s public safety agencies since 1985.

LOCATION: Station 62 126 South Lebanon Road Loveland Ohio 45140

TIME: 0800-1300

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Anyone working in Fire and Rescue that wants to help take care of their own!

TO REGISTER: Email Deputy Chief Josh Blum

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