Haz-Mat Class

There will be a 2-day Haz Mat Operations class held at the Area 9 Office, 99 Lake Park Drive in Morehead. This class is sponsored by Kentucky Emergency Management but taught by Area 10 Instructor Harold Holley and Area 9 Instructor Jill Crowe.

The class will be held on Saturday and Sunday, March 12th and 13th starting at 9am each morning. You are permitted to attend only one day if you wish, but you MUST attend both days to receive a completion certificate. If you only attend 1, you will receive a document stating the hours you earned.

Since EM is sponsoring the class, they have asked that ALL attendees register for the class on their website and NOT through our office.

This is the link to register for this class:


A class announcement is attached to this email for posting in your stations.

Please share this email with all that may have an interest.

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