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Object-relational mapping (ORM):Easily import and export models from and to other software and with less effort. By using ORM you can take advantage of object-relational mapping from other software packages. (video: 2:00 min.)XML Stream Editor:Enables rapid creation of XML documents by managing the XML file itself.CADscripts and commands:Use real-world inputs and outputs to automate your CAD process and reduce errors. Automate and create AutoCAD.NET scripts for tasks that you do more than 100 times every day. Also, use commands to quickly and easily perform tasks with your drawings.SVG format:Export drawings to the SVG format so you can easily and quickly share them with colleagues and others.Design Review:Easily store and distribute design review documents. See changes in Revit, Dynamo, and other software.Variable areas:Add variables that can be controlled or displayed on the fly. Assign the same variable to multiple groups.UI Customization:Easily personalize the CAD client with UI customizations.Mobile Client:Support for mobile devices and apps, including the new iOS and Android apps.Unlocked access:Unlock the full value of the most widely used toolset. Get the new toolset and continue to get new features.Cloud integration:Easy access to files and drawings on the web.Layers and Layers Management:Layers work like a stack that automatically keeps drawings organized.Settings:Find and change settings easily.Custom View:See CAD components and drawings in new ways.Shapes:Manage shapes and keep track of the history of your drawings.Terrain:Use the Earth as a dynamic backdrop for your drawings.Dry-brush:Fill selected drawings with texture to create surfaces.Chamfer and Curve Guides:Create complex, freeform drawings. Chamfer and curve guides improve drawing precision and create cleaner lines and surfaces.Faster, easier to use:Use commands to quickly and easily perform tasks with your drawings. Configure your files quickly and easily.Powerful 2be273e24d

AutoCAD (Updated 2022)

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