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2023 KFA Conference

Remembering You in 2022 oops! 2023

The Kentucky Firefighters Association (KFA) was organized in 1919 and is comprised of more than 686 fire departments with over 17,000 firefighters from across the state. The purpose of the organization is to provide advocacy, protection, and support for those men and women. Our mission is achieved through a program of education, fellowship, and funding for the fire departments within our Commonwealth.

The Covid 19 virus affected all of us throughout the Commonwealth. The KFA was not exempt from making changes to keep moving forward. Our original theme for the conference was Remember You in 2022 and it had significant meaning for what we had planned for the conference. Then COVID hit and we had to cancel the 2020 Conference. The Executive Board unanimously chose to stay an extra year and continue to serve, thus pushing all conferences a year back. The Bluegrass Emergency Services Association Conference Team decided to stay the course as well and wanted their important theme to remain intact. So, Remembering You in 2022, oops! 2023 became the new battle cry.

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