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The Kentucky Firefighters Association motor vehicle license plate will be getting a re-design in 2021!  Due to our current license plate design not meeting the standards set forth by the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA), the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet advised the KFA Executive Board of changes needing to be made.  The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet also advises us they are transitioning from the embossed license plate method to a flat plate so they are currently reviewing all plate designs.


The current license plate does not meet the current standards of AAMVA due to the background image interfering with the plate numbers/letters.  Another change given to us by the AAMVA is the font of “Kentucky” at the top of the plate will need to be more easily read, as in block letters.  The full list of standards can be found at


We would like to ask all our firefighters across the Commonwealth to come together and help us with the new design.  The KFA Executive Board will be accepting design submissions until July 3, 2020; at that time we will narrow the submissions down to five (5) designs.  The final five (5) designs will be voted on by the KFA Delegates at the 2020 KFA Conference in Southgate, Kentucky in August. 


Once we get the new design submitted to the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet they will make sure it is compliant with the AAMVA.  The new license plate will need to allow optimal readability by the human eye and automated license plate readers to ensure safety and accuracy. 

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